Temmie saw Grillby one day and was all like "Hoi, Tem go to Spooky DJ dance party With Grillby!"

Grillby agreed because Grillby secretly wants to marry Temmie and then devorce her so that they can get married again and then devorce again and then marry again and so on. Grillby tried to hold Temmie's hand on the way to the spoopy DJ dance party but Temmie didnt have hands so Grillby held her paw. Grillby is fire so Temmie's flesh melted off and she was a skeleton Temmie. The party was lame and they hated it so they did a word search together but they hated that too and then they hated each other so Grillby went and married Bob and Temmie married Undyne's house because she felt bad for them and Temmie already got her flesh melted off so she can hug Undyne's house. Temmie is inside Undyne's house right now. Bob wants to leave Grillby and kill Temmie so that Undyne's house can be theirs. Undyne's house is sexy. Undyne's house cries every night because Undyne left them for another house. Undyne regrets leaving her house. Undyne sent Frisk to deliver a love letter to her house. Alphys is inventing fireproofness so that her, Undyne and Undyne's house can all live together.