Lapiss Lazuli is a yellow Lapis Lazuli  gem with pisskinesis powers. Using her piss powers she can create piss constructs that behave like solids and can easily best the Crystal Gems in a fight. When she first appeared her goal was to return home. She created a giant tower of piss so that she could try to reach home, but Earth didn't have enough piss so it didn't work. After being healed she used her gem to create piss wings that she can fly with. She can also use her pisskinesis to create giant hands and chains of piss which she used to trap Big Buff Bara A.K.A. Big Buff Cheeto Puff  when they were fused as Orange Piss. She appeared in a deleted scene of the episode, "Catch and Release" where she came out of Steven's toilet as a piss structure.