Human AU Jasper
Jasper's AU human counterpart is as big and buff as the gem version. She is most commonly shipped with Amethyst (Human AU) or Peridot (Human AU) although she is also often shipped with Pearl (Human AU) or Lapis Lazuli (Human AU) (so basically she's shipped with everyone). She loves cheeto puffs and working out.



  • She has a "Sun's out, guns out" shirt similar to how Peridot (Human AU) has a "Don't touch my s***" shirt.
  • She's almost always Peridot (Human AU)'s best friend although sometimes she's the best friend of Lapis Lazuli (Human AU)
    • Whenever she's friends with Peridot or Lapis she was normally a bully to them in High School.
    • She jokingly still calls Peridot a nerd.

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