Illuminati, the "I" and two "l"s kinda look like three lines at the beginning of the word, right? But wait, something doesn't seem right here... three lines are what make up a triangle... ILLUMINATI CONFIRMED!

X-Files Theme Full (Illuminati Song)

X-Files Theme Full (Illuminati Song)

In all seriousness though the Illuminati is a REAL top secret organisation run by Peridot and Sapphire. Pearl is also involved somehow and probably Ruby too because Sapphire part owns it.


  • The all seeing eye isn't the real symbol of the Illuminati. Its just there to trick people.
  • Amethyst is the real symbol of the Illuminati.
    • Amethyst is Illuminati comfirmed.
  • The Illuminati trapped Lapis in a mirror because she knew too much.
    • The members of the Illuminati didn't know Lapis was a member too.
      • Thats why she knew so much.
        • Peridot was sooooo mad when she found out they trapped Lapis.
          • Since then she spent her whole life looking for the mirror Lapis was in.
            • Pearl secretly had the mirror the whole time but she didn't tell Peridot because she loved Lapis too.
              • This is secretly the plot of my new fan fiction.
                • Not really though.
                  • Or is it?
                    • I dont even write fan fiction.