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Catch and Release is the 70th episode of Steven Universe and was storyboarded by Hillary Florido and Lauren Zuke. The episode starts with Steven getting ready to sleep by saying goodnight to all his plush toys with the addition of an "Omnious Triangle ". The triangle turns out to be Peridot rather than the IlluminatiPeridot kidnaps Steven to get him to fix the Homeworld warp but his healing powers don't work and Peridot starts to have a breakdown ;~; poor Peri ;~;

The Crystal Clods find Steven and Peridot and Garnet poofs poor Peridot ;~;

Steven later frees her from Garnet's bubble and she turns out to be a smol cat.

After trying to escape, Peridot hides in Steven's bathroom where hilarity ensues. She also grabs a blue plunger which comfirms Lapidot.


  • AceArcherAragonite lost count of how many times she's watched this episode.
    • It is her favourite episode.
    • She knows every line.
    • She says all the lines at the same time as the characters when she watches it.